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GIG BOSS MONEY is live on Amazon!

Gig Boss Money Kindle eBook

I finally got all my e-publishing ducks in a row last week, and my Kindle Short Read went LIVE on Amazon! Gig Boss Money is all about how to get a handle on your finances when your income fluctuates. The gig economy has a lot of very attractive benefits going for it — control over your schedule and who you choose to work with, to name a couple — but self-employment comes with a much greater need for financial awareness, budgeting and planning.

#1 Bestseller on Amazon in FOUR Categories!

I officially launched the book last weekend, and look what happened on Sunday – I hit #1 in Finance, Home-Based Work, Auctions & Small Businesses and Starting a Business. Sounds like a Grand Slam to me! Annnd, I almost forgot – it has since been #1 in 45-minute Business & Money reads as well 🙂

A Little Blurb About The Book

Sometimes the hardest part of a new venture is figuring out what the pitfalls actually are so you can avoid them. Of course, the scariest of those pitfalls are all about the money side of things. There are plenty of books out there about mindset, motivation, time management, goalsetting, etc and some of them are pretty awesome. But this little 24-page book is geared towards the nuts and bolts of keeping you on track financially.

Gigging, freelancing, self-employment, temping, contracting — however you define your arrangement, you have a lot of income variation. That can scare the crap out of a lot of people, especially those with a family to support or significant debt to pay off. This lifestyle is truly not for everyone, and my little ebook helps you think through the financial angles of making such a move.

What You Will Learn From Gig Boss Money

This book covers the basics of keeping financially on track when your income is irregular, and I offer plenty of actionable ways to handle the ups and downs so that you have a consistent lifestyle. For example, having a great week or month should, at least when starting out, not be a reason to spend more. I’ve noticed this habit especially in those whose industries are seasonal (I have family in Aspen, so I see the effect first-hand). Wouldn’t you rather go out to eat once a week all year rather than 3x a week for half the year and then not at all the other half? If you answered yes, this book is a great place to start. You’ll get a little direction with:

— The financial pros and cons of the gig lifestyle
— Deciding if/when to go from side hustler to gig boss
— How to get otu of the paycheck-to-paycheck rut
— Financial goal-setting
— Budgeting (with freebie download!)
— Taking your money management skills up a notch

The book also contains the link to a really helpful freebie – a printable budget planner/tracker to get you going with all this! You can expect little bonuses like this from me from time to time because I really, really want everyone who has the guts to work for themselves to thrive!

The Current Gig Climate

Of course, this is 2020, the weirdest year I hope we ever have to face. Some people have turned to gig work out of sudden necessity, while others have found themselves with unexpected time on their hands to explore freelancing. Hopefully you like it and feel that the extra admin work, expenses/taxes, etc are worth it. If you don’t…well, you’re probably not charging enough! (No, seriously, I mean it). I don’t get into that aspect of money in depth in this book, but I will in future blog posts here because it’s a very big issue for us self-employed types. I’ve even been told that I’m undervaluing my knowledge by pricing Gig Boss Money at $2.99 – I disagree, plus I really want it to be an easy purchase decision for everyone in this lifestyle.

Happy Gigging!

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