Who is The Gig Boss?

Hi there, I'm Katie McCarthy and except for a short stint in Corporate America, I've been temping / gigging / self-employing my way through life since I left college - in 1992. Yeah, that makes me a bit old, but look at it this way: I was a pioneer! No computer, no internet, no smartphone, no email, no apps. You've heard of "digital nomads"? Well I was a pre-digital nomad, lol. Let's look at my post-college timeline:

1992-1996: Graduated Fordham University, moved to Scotland, took temp gigs
1993-1997: Married to a really nice Scotsman who was terrible with money
1996-1998: Taught English in Spain, Japan & Scotland on 2-9 month contracts
1998-1999: Got my Master's degree from the Univ of Edinburgh, temped 20hrs/wk
2000-2002: Gave Corporate America a go in NYC. Meh.
2003-2011: Self-employed massage therapist for 8 years
2006: The term DIGITAL NOMAD is coined
2009: The term GIG ECONOMY is coined
2011: Moved my gigging entirely online
2013: Packed up my lappy & hybrid cell phone, lived in Amsterdam for 3 months
2014: Bought a house in Florida with 20% down (none of that PMI crap for me!)
2016: Decided Prague looked good for a 2-month stint with the lappy
2017: Gave Thailand a shot for a month - like every other digital nomad, sigh
2020: Sold house in Florida, bought house in Colorado with 40% down